Movie Frame #1:

Two CIB CARST Sand Reservoir CIOs

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Figure DvC2-10 shows the first frame of an EI-27/46 CIB CARST (middle Miocene) Sand Reservoir animation. This movie shows both CIB CARST sand reservoirs (EI-27 and EI-46), opaque and spinning, surrounded by translucent (almost transparent) non-reservoir rocks. A number of the existing wells (abandoned at the time the 3D surveys was recorded) are shown, along with the 2002 EPL #1 discovery (at the blue cross-hairs), and the not-yet-drilled (in 1996) Norcen #2 well. This amazing well has an estimated ultimate recovery of over 29 bcfg of natural gas (and equivalent condensate), and produced over 28 bcfge from 1996 to 2002. It is D3D-interpreted to be the only "straw" into the large, sprawling, complex CIB CARST sand body south of, and pressure isolated from EPL's   EI-27 discovery well.

This Two Spinning CIB CARST Sand Reservoirs movie can be viewed under the "Multimedia Animations" button, on the VTV Home Page.

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