A common purpose for “looking underground” is the search for and management of commercial oil and gas reservoirs ... especially onshore and (currently) near-shore

VTV, Incorporated, is the exclusive licensee and source for all sub-licenses of the D3D Seismic Process, which is protected by U. S. Patent Number 5,671,136, granted in September, 1997, to Louis E. Willhoit, Jr.

To read the patent manuscript: “D3DSP - The Patent”.

VTV uses the D3DSP to transform 3-D recorded reflection seismic survey data into a virtual computerized Time Cube (or “T’ube”, with feet X feet X milliseconds dimensions, as opposed to an actual cubic-feet cube), representing the distribution of relative Acoustic Impedance in the subsurface.

D3D-impedance is a special type of seismic “inversion”, but not time-to-depth and certainly not seismic-to-absolute-acoustic-impedance.

VTV will analyze and evaluate, or teach a licensee/client to analyze and evaluate, high-resolution, D3D-CIOs, for many different purposes. The most common ones, today, are the search for, and management of commercially producible oil and gas reservoirs.

D3D-impedance volumes are 3D collections of volume-pixels, or VOXELs, characterized by relative acoustic impedance amplitudes, the computer-processing production of which assumes that the earth consists of 3D common-impedance OBJECTS that are often, but not always, deposited in layers.

Conventional 3D seismic-amplitude and -impedance volumes, on the other hand, assume the earth's subsurface is best described by eroded and faulted LAYERS, with internal objects usually treated as "noise", by both the 3D seismic acquisition and conventional processing phases.

The D3DSP is VOXEL-oriented and, therefore, highly volumetric in nature.  In many cases, this can be useful for estimating quantities of recoverable oil and gas, and other volumetric data of economic and/or scientific value.

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