Let VTV help you and your team look into the Earth, with the patented “D3D Seismic Process ... using Computerized VOXEL Technology

"Looking below the Earth’s surface" is our primary business. We currently help clients look for, develop, evaluate, and manage commercial oil and gas reservoirs.

VTV, Incorporated

is a Colorado corporation, doing business wherever the need exists to visualize, measure, and evaluate buried “objects” ... such as petroleum reservoirs.

VTV stands for Voxel Terra Vision, and VTV, Incorporated, uses the patented "Diagnostic Three-Dimensional Seismic Process" (D3DSP), in which accurately acquired, and unconventionally processed, 3D reflection seismic data is used to image, measure, and evaluate buried Common-Impedance Objects.                           
Some examples of present D3D-CIO targets are carbonate (limestone and dolomite, etc.) and clastic (sandstone and shale, etc.) petroleum-filled reservoirs, coal deposits, and various “voids” -- from inter-granular to vugular porosity zones (including some petroleum-filled fractures) -- to tunnels and caves.

Future anticipated D3D-CIO targets will include freshwater aquifers, (anomalous density and velocity) precious metal and mineral deposits, archeological artifacts, hazardous waste plumes, and military unexploded ordnance.

VTV’s compensation will depend on the economic value of the targets, where overriding royalty interests and profit sharing ("VTV profits only if our clients profit") are preferred, but fee-for-service consulting may also be arranged.

VTV, Incorporated  - January 2005 

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